7 of the Worst Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Cross-Country

When gearing up for a long distance move, it is easy to get overwhelmed. From working on a moving day budget to sorting through a household’s worth of furniture, clothing, and the like, getting through the moving process is almost always a stressful time.

Seven Common Moving Mistakes

The easiest way to make your moving process less stressful is to know the most common moving mistakes to avoid. Planning a long distance move? Scroll down to get an idea of everything not to do during the moving process.


1. Doing Everything Yourself

Certainly, many aspects of moving can be done by a non-professional. In fact, you have a lot of long distance moving options that range from complete DIY to a full-service move. When it comes to the actual packing and moving of major furniture and valuables, it’s best to trust professionals to do what they do best.

While you may think you’re saving money by not hiring professional movers, in reality, you may be paying a much steeper price. According to Cheap Movers moving services Santa Clarita, CA, many people that are determined to do their move on their own end up injuring themselves from improperly lifting heavier objects. Likewise, it may take more time than you realize to get all your packing done if you don’t have a team of trained professionals assisting you.

2. Packing the Wrong Way

When you are tackling some of the packing yourself, you should try to avoid common packing pitfalls. Avoid packing huge boxes full of heavy items, as it makes it impossible for you or movers to lift. Similarly, don’t use old or dilapidated packing equipment. A raggedy cardboard box can easily cave in or break, resulting in your belongings being damaged.

3. Failing to Label Your Boxes

Once you’ve sorted your items and have everything squared away, it’s on to the next one, right? Not, so fast. Failing to label each box is one of the worst mistakes you can make. When it’s time to unpack your things, clear labels will help to make quick work of the process.

4. Not Allowing Enough Time for the Move

When planning a long distance move, always follow this rule of thumb– give yourself more than enough time than you think you might need. There’s no way around it; moving is incredibly time-consuming.

Don’t shortchange yourself when it comes to preparing for your long distance move. Set aside several blocks of time for you to get everything handles before your moving day.

5. Not Getting Insurance on Valuables

Getting your most valuable belongings insured is an important step in the moving process. Without insurance on these items, you may find yourself out of luck in the event that they are lost, stolen, or damaged during your move.

6. Not Booking a Moving Company Ahead of Time

Calling a moving company with little to notice is a terrible mistake to make. If you hope to hire a reputable long distance moving company, you should do your best to make a booking sooner rather than later. On popular moving dates, most companies fill up rather quickly. Keep this from happening to you by calling a moving company as soon as you know you have to move.

7. Making the Budget Too Low

Wanting to save more money may lead you to inadvertently set a lower moving budget than you can manage. When getting estimates, be sure to get an accurate price. In most cases, you’ll end up spending more than you think, so plan to set a higher budget.


Don’t make your move more challenging than it needs to be. Use this guide to keep yourself from making these common seven moving mistakes. By planning accordingly and packing properly, you’ll be well prepared when moving day arrives.